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Music serves many applications in the world today. It is not only about enjoying your favorite tune. Music is said to sooth the soul. Just about every bartender can tell you about the drunk at the bar who is crying in his beer. Chances are he is listening to a “why she done me wrong song.” Furthermore, many women play their old love songs on DVD or listen to a radio D.J. just so they are not so lonely anymore.

Music therapy has been used in medicine to ease pain and has beneficial results for calming autistic children. Music can make a person feel happy or sad. Music therapy also helps reduce stress. Recently, scientists in Japan conducted experiments on mice showing that listening to certain kinds of music may help stop heart transplant rejection. This will be an amazing breakthrough if this therapy can be adapted for human heart transplant recipients.

As much as music calms the nervous system and puts a person at ease, it can energize and rejuvenate a person as well. Fitness gurus such as media personality Richard Simmons popularized getting healthy by exercising to music. His exercise video “Sweatin to the Oldies” was an instant success. Fitness instructors and doctors have known since the 1970s that music can help energize people; keeping them healthy and fit.

If most people are like me, they will need a motivator to get them to do their dreaded household chores. As I age I am finding that I am often too sick or too tired to do housework. However, housework has to be done whether I can do it or not. Any housekeeper will tell you the longer you put off doing your housework the harder it gets to keep the house as neat and tidy as you would like it. I discovered that I am more energized and ready to work when I am listening to music. I can pace myself and get the work done twice as fast that way.

Loughborough University in the UK has joined with media fitness expert by the name of Mr. Motivator to combine housework and exercise. I am disabled. I am not always able to exercise as I would like, but I still have to do my housework. This concept of combining exercise and housework it a good option for me. I will just add the music to make it more lively and entertaining at the same time. This program would be great for people like me.


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