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If you don't like Katy Perry, too bad. Whether you pay attention to fashion, music or celebrity news, Katy Perry dominates them all. With her quirky, newsworthy style, her brilliantly composed pop songs and her marriage to hot comedy movie star Russell Brand, Katy Perry is giving Lady Gaga a run for her money as fashion and music pop icon of the moment.

With intentionally "Lolita" style imagery and generally elaborate costuming, set and animation, Katy Perry's videos are in as constant play in the music video circuit as Katy Perry songs are on the radio.

Explore 3 of the best Katy Perry music videos that showcase her perfect pop music with her quirky style sense and the sultry naughty vibe that gets her all the press.


As a metaphor for breaking through barriers and letting your heart shine, Katy Perry's bra explodes in her fabulous music video for one of the best Katy Perry songs, "Firework." A moving and inspiring song with lyrics that motivate the listener to be their best, the music video for "Firework" has images of people who do something bold, even if it might be unacceptable. For the big girls out there, there is a scene with a sort of big girl breaking through her apprehensions and stripping down and jumping into the pool in her skivvies.

"California Gurls"

Featuring the iconic Snoop Dogg and a theme reminiscent of the board game "Candyland," Katy Perry's "California Gurls" is a deliciously humorous and naughty tribute to California fashion, with a touch of sticky sweetness. The cupcake bikini tops are particularly charming. With the silly feel that goes on throughout the whole video, "California Gurls" is one of Katy Perry's subtly sexiest videos as well as her best.

"Teenage Dream"

An exhilarating video taking the viewer on a no-holds-barred car ride with Katy Perry, "Teenage Dream" is a song about intense teenaged love, the kind you would run away from home to pursue. This song also has an infectious and driving dance beat and a fabulous bridge that pumps up the song to the next video. Though most Katy Perry videos are subtly sultry, this one has some makeout scenes, so it is not the best Katy Perry video for kids.

Katy Perry's musical talent as well as her skill in handling the media have made her a top talent in the music video world. If she continues to flex her music industry smarts, the public can expect to see Katy Perry at the top of the radio and music video charts for years to come.


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