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CoMo Music is a great place to go for music news in all of Missouri. Although the name comes from Columbia and Missouri combined, the website caters to bands and fans all over Missouri. It is an online community that brings together musicians and music fans. Here are some of the features that CoMo Music offers through easy navigation.

Upcoming Shows – This is the most comprehensive list of upcoming shows that I've found. It lists what band, what day, the time, the venue, and even the price if it's available. You won't have to go search every venue website to see who's coming, or deal with all of the places that ticket master links to (not to mention, they don't always sell tickets for the smaller, local bands).

Album and Show Reviews – Visitors of CoMo Music are invited to send in album or show reviews of albums they've bought, or concerts they've gone to. The reviews don't have to be for local artists, and members of CoMo Music can leave comments on reviews, and even leave reviews of their own.

Local Venues and Artists – Venues can send in their information to be added for bands to know about and book. Artists can also send in bios to add to the comprehensive list of local bands and musicians in Missouri. Again, this is the largest comprehensive list of local bands that I've found.

Como Library – The library is for articles and information. It allows members to share the information they've learned with other members. Members can post comments, feedback, and advice for other users.

Classifieds – The classified are just what they seem to be. Bands looking for musicians, instruments, etc. can post messages and people looking to join a band or sell an instrument can respond to make a transaction.

Como Message Board & Chat Room – Chat with other members of Como Music (bands, fans, everyone) through forums and the chat room. This is a way to really connect with others around the state.

Photo Gallery – In the Como Photo Gallery, you can browse through pictures from shows in the area, as well as submit your own.

Como Radio – Como Radio is a really cool feature that allows you to stream music from local artists online.

Over all, CoMo Music brings together everything music fans and musicians could want and need. They have created this community to bridge the gap between local stars and those who support them. It is a great place for musicians to grow their fan base, knowledge, and even their old instruments.


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