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I listen to trance music. The reason why I listen, like or prefer to listen to trance music are many. Yet as I in my later age have learned of facts like for instance; that the human heart beat per minute for a person in his thirties, is very close or in range of the tempo that trance music holds between 130 and 160 BPM "Beat Per Minute"

But lets trust the fact and acknowledge that music is something that we until this day do not understand completely. Mankind and all his esthetic endeavors have through all ages, loved the artistic influences and euphoric feelings that music creates for our senses. As so, it is with my taste in music, that I believe at some level of consciousness, which I still know not fully. That at one point in creation, before anything had come into beginning. Music manifested itself, as any reader, you, can decide if this music in your mind is in need of a creator, or as i presume that even without God or any other deity, music was able to exist. I will not lead you astray on my own path of existential evolution, rather I ask you, would you believe me when I say; that when God created all things, he listened to trance music?

Hence I hold it true, that the primordial sound of AUM as understood by Hindus. Affirms the existence of sound at the beginning of all things. So also I feel, that this music that gives me energy, is holding within it the essence of the whole universe. If there ever was a source of endless energy that could uplift your body and make you feel good inside, would you not want to hear this sound? As evolution continues, none of us know where our creative abilities will take us. But one thing we can be sure of. As long as humanity exists, our natural or man made environment will forever inspire us to create that harmony, one which we find within ourselves, and within the reality which we all perceive different. Humanity will never let this flame of collective understanding go lost, music binds us together and wipes out national, racial and ethnic boundaries. Music creates peace, and for this reason i feel its worth, to strive ahead and await the great day. The day when one single genius, one day will create the most perfect sounding music ever. This day I will not think, I will rest assure that peace will sound out of all heavens on the earth, and joy will overwhelm all peoples of the world.



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