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Sex and the City 2 combines a lot of what fans have been expecting from their four gals and their guys. The fashions are incredible and the jewelry is out of this world. But the story is not what fans of the show and characters are used to. It is basically, outside of all the drama of the lives of Samantha (Kim Cattrall), Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Charlotte (Kristin Davis) and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), a political comment on the suppression of women in the Muslim culture.

The first part of the film is downright adorable. There is a wonderful wedding filled with plenty of humor and memorable moments. And Liza Minnelli makes an appearance as well as sings and dances. But from then on the story takes on a more political and disconcerting tone as the four women take off to Abu Dhabi for an all-expense paid trip complete with personal suites on board the airplane and a luxurious suite in a five star resort, not to mention they each have their own butler as well as their own private Maybach car at their disposal.

Changes in the Lives of Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda

The four women are each going through their own drama and changes. Miranda has hit the glass ceiling at her job so she decides she needs to change law firms. Charlotte’s daughter Rose is going through the terrible twos, which takes the perfect mother to her breaking point. And speaking of the terrible twos, Carrie and Big, aka John Preston, are in their second year of marriage and Carrie is having a hard time trying to merge her old life with her new married one. And as for the ultimate change, Samantha is in the middle of menopause. Drama, drama, drama.

While the women are in Abu Dhabi, they face the culture with alarm and hesitation. They take a swipe at the oppressive culture when they join together at a karaoke club to sing “I am Woman,” a highlight of the film.

But Samantha being who she is, cannot resist a fling while away, and that leads to trouble in this religious culture. She is outraged that her sexuality is considered a no-no. What is Samantha without sex?

While the city of New York is not one of the characters in this film, which it has been in the TV series as well as the first movie, the character stay true to form and carry on, or rather Carrie on, with their lives, loves, and lusts. And we all know who is the “lust”er in the group. In or out of menopause, Samantha never changes.

Fashion and Jewelry vs. Story

The fashions and jewelry will be what many audiences will enjoy the most out of this film. They are incredible. But, to borrow a phrase from Carrie Bradshaw, “I couldn’t help but wonder,” why the writer went with this particular storyline. It makes Sex and the City more political than it has ever been, with the clash of cultures and the fact that Charlotte had to use her maiden name instead of her Jewish married name while in Abu Dhabi. Many of the aspects of the film will undoubtedly be uncomfortable for many viewers.

For fans of the show, go for the characters, the fashions and the jewels. Just think of the storyline as a subplot to all the fun that these characters have brought to the small and large screens in the past. As Carrie Bradshaw Preston says, she wants the “sparkle.” And in the end, storyline aside, the audience will find a little bit of sparkle in the film.

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