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1. Laugh – Just laughing lowers your blood pressure, burns calories, and helps bond with others. It also helps your body de-stress, and prevent the many diseases that are caused by stress. Laughter has also been found to strengthen the immune system, reduce the amount of pain felt by your body, and relax your all muscles. All this from something that’s free, and you should do anyway to help your mood? It is even been said, that if you laughed one hundred times, it is equalivent to ten minutes on a rowing machine!

  1. Yogurt – Eat yogurt with live or active cultures daily. Or, if you’d rather, take probiotics. This replaces the good bacteria in your body, and can help treat particular diseases, such as IBS, and ulcers. Probiotics also fight against cancer, infections, and high cholestrol. They can even help you lose weight, although I wouldn’t consume copious amounts of yogurt in order to gain weight; if you do not regularly read your food labels, your yogurt might have too much sugar to help your weight.

3.Tea – Drink at least one glass of black or green tea daily. The amount of antioxidants in this drink can help boost your immune system. It is also believed in to improve particular conditions, such as: arthritis, infection, and preventing cancer (in more than one way!). Ingredients in tea also fight dental plaque, prevent blood clots, and help lose weight.

  1. MSG – Avoid it. It goes by many names, and is in a lot of processed food (acting as a preservative). It also causes problems with lots of people – including making existing ailments worse. You can have a reaction to very minute amounts, so avoiding it totally is the best option.
  2. Artificial Sweeteners – Avoid, especially if you a chronic disease, or are trying to lose weight. Despite the fact that it’s in “diet” drinks, any artificial sweetener, the University of Texas Health Care Center has found that artificial sweeteners cause you to crave more snacks, especially sugary (and probably high in calories) snacks.

6.Honey – Use honey instead of sugar or any artificial sweetener. Honey has been proven to heal wounds, and if you have allergies, consuming two tablespoons a day starting two months before allergy season. It is also supposed to help if you chew beeswax for at least five minutes.
7. HEPA Filter – Using a HEPA filter not only decreases the amount of small particles that enter your lungs, but it can aid with allergies. Having a vaacuum with a HEPA filter can also help considerably to decrease the particles, allergins, and toxins floating in your air, and eventually breathed into your lungs.

  1. Naps – Eastern medicine recommends taking naps around noon to take stress off your heart. This is especially important if you have heart conditions, or have a history of it in your family.
  2. Eating Times – Eat the heavier foods (the ones with the most protein or fat) in the morning, than at lunch or dinner. The body more easily processes it early, making you less likely to gain excess weight.
  3. Sun – Wear organic sunscreen daily, and avoid tanning booths. Skin cancer is the most prominent form of cancer nowadays, and the best way of avoiding it is taking care of your skin. Use organic sunscreen to limit your chemical exposure – even if the only time you are spending outside is in your car on your way to work. Different people can form skin cancer from even relatively small amounts of sun, although large amounts raise your chances considerably.

11.Massage – Getting a massage once or twice a week can help your body relax. It also detoxes your body, breaking up clusters of toxins in your body. A massage also reduces the amount of pain that your body reads.

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