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Beer and Food

Some have said, “Man cannot live on bread alone.” This is true; man may need beer to wash down his manna.

The key is to pair the right beer with the right food, for the flavors, for the textures, for the experience. If I were a marketer I might attempt to brand the combinations as something to identify time and again, to re-experience over and over.

Below are some tried and true pairings that will make most any palate hum.

Meet the smokiness of grilled meats with a sweeter brew; a dopplebock’s complex malts will make a steak resonate ever deeper.

Try fish with an American Pale Ale; the citrus of the brew accents the slight seafood flavors.

Vegetable Pad Thai is so much better with an India Pale Ale; deeper malts and complex hops are hip to the hepped up essences of sautéed tofu, ginger, garlic, cilantro and scallion.

Praise cheeses! Boy Toy ‘Chris’ Lavoie of The Stephanie Miller Show]. spling! This includes pairing them (not necessarily Stephanie or Chris) with blessed beers. For a trinity of tastes: Feta is fab with weissbiers; Gorgonzolas and Bleus go great with barleywines (like Chicago’s Piece Brewery’s Mooseknuckle); and a Colby could cuddle a brown ale.

For dessert don’t forget a local fruit beer or Belgian Ale with your ice cream or cake.

Beer is healthy, and, in other cultures, is embraced as a part of a healthy lifestyle.

Embrace the possibilities of beer, especially pairing them with food.

In Chicago enjoy local breweries; find my associated links on this web page.

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