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When my wife and I lived out on the East Coast, we were frequent Schwan's customers. It was hard to find decent meat at the local grocery stores and the company offered quality products at a reasonable price. More importantly, they would deliver them right to our door.

When we moved back to Wisconsin and got settled in our own place, we decided we once again wanted to give Schwan's a try. This time, it wasn't because we couldn't find the same quality; it was because the prices were actually slightly better than what we could find locally.

Unfortunately for us, Schwan's service seems to have gone downhill and we don't know if we will be doing business with them any more.

We've actually attempted to renew our services with Schwan's twice. We ordered food from them a couple of years ago and then did so again just a couple of weeks ago. Both times, we were very disappointed.

In the incident that took place a couple of years ago, we placed an order using their Web site and were told the food would be delivered a couple of days later, when the truck was in our area. Three weeks later, we hadn't received our order and didn't even see a truck. And, several attempts to contact the company also were unsuccessful. Finally, we were able to reach a district manager who apologized to us and allowed us to cancel our order. He explained to us that they were having problems keeping drivers in our area and that caused the delay.

When we saw a driver looking for new customers in our neighborhood a couple of weeks ago, we decided to give Schwan's another chance. This time, rather than order online, we opted to instead place the order with the driver himself. One item was found right away the other item we requested was not in the truck but he promised to deliver it the next day.

We never saw the driver again. And, after a little over a week, we had not received the item we had ordered; forcing my wife to once again have to call in to the company. Two days after she called them, the item was finally delivered by a manager. When he delivered it, there was no apology or attempt to make things right, he just said "here's your order," handed me the item and left.

Schwan's used to be a good company and I would love to give them my business but they obviously have forgotten the importance of good customer service. They are losing me as a customer and I'm sure, if they keep this up, they will be losing many more.

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