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I am spoiled rotten. I am also vain. My birthday is the main event every year, as far as I'm concerned, and as such it tends to last a week rather than a few hours. Luckily, my husband recognizes that so after a lovely weekend in Ljungbyhed, Sweden I was also treated to a day of shopping down in Fehmarn, Germany. Shopping always makes me hungry so we stopped for a late lunch at the Landhaus Restaurant right downtown on the main shopping strip. I am a power shopper, so refueling my energy with a good German meal is a necessity.

There are many great restaurant choices in this area of Fehmarn, but the Landhaus had a chalk board outside on the sidewalk advertising jaegerschnitzel for only 10 Euros. The price seemed good, and when in Germany I do insist on some type of schnitzel, so Landhaus it was. I mean, there was a Rathaus right across the street, and we loved the one in Luebeck, but I wanted to try a new place. The Landhaus Restaurant was a good choice.

We opted to eat outside and people watch since it was a gloriously clear, sunny day. They have both cafe tables out here and a block of regular tables under a canopy. We sat under the canopy because we are wusses and the shade felt good. We were barely seated before a gal showed up to take our drink orders and hand us a menu. Impressive. The restaurant was very busy that day, but this did not hamper service at all. So, 3 giant German beers for my husband and the couple who came with us, a coca-cola for me. (oh bite me)

A very brief time later our order was taken. We all went with the jaegerschnitzel special. Normally if I know I am going to review a restaurant I try to make sure to sample at least two dishes, but in this case it really didn't matter. The menu is not extensive, concentrating mainly on the various forms of schnitzels. Because of that, they are very, very good at it.

Our food came out in about 10 minutes and oooh la la I could tell before the first bite that it was going to be excellent. The schnitzel was covered in a wonderful mushroom laden pilsner sauce and came with a side of Pomme Frits. As usual with schnitzels throughout Germany, this thing was huge and the fries were plentiful as well. Lars ended up finishing his and then half of mine. Kirsten and Sven-Oke were moaning as much as I was over the wonderful flavor of the coating and the sauce. Of course, they liked those huge beers even better.

With Germany being just on the other side of the Baltic from Sweden, ferry trips there are frequent so my neighbors and husband are all quite well versed in German restaurants and their schnitzels. All agreed that this was among the best that Northern Germany has to offer. High praise indeed.

The Landhaus building is worth checking out even if you decide not to eat there. It is so very old school German in design with its brick walls divided by dark wood beams. I just love that design. I think part of what drew me to move to this area of the world (aside from my husband) is the architecture of the Scandinavian-Hanseatic area around the Baltic. I am a big fan of Medieval architecture and that feel is abundant in the buildings in this area.

So. The food was fantastic, the ambiance delightful, prices were reasonable, and the service was spot on. Five full stars for the Landhaus Restaurant in Fehmarn, Germany.

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