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Going on a vacation should be fun for any family, but only when all family members are happy with the vacation spot. Just taking off on a vacation with a family without proper planning will not result in an enjoyable holiday for any of the family members no matter the amount of money spent.

To avoid disappointment, this year, why not try a theme holiday. There is a host of such vacations that you can elect to go to which should provide all family members with something to enjoy. You can make this year's vacation the one all of you will keep in mind and talk about for many years to come.

First off, research all vacation themes available and then sit down with the family. List all the pros and cons of each vacation spot and finally agree on the spot that suits all of you the best. Budgetary considerations should form a central part of the discussions. There is no point in picking a vacation you can't afford.

Book the vacation many days well ahead of the vacation time. This ensures that you will get all the facilities you need, like good camping grounds, accommodation, and boat and car rentals. You may also benefit from discounts given for booking early.

Without doubt Disney World in Florida wins as the most attractive family destination. There is entertainment galore for all family members. You can reduce the costs by purchasing day passes which give discounts to Disney World. Some of the passes will permit you to visit the studios at Universal and Epcot Center without wasting time queuing to buy tickets when you get there.

Another destination to consider is Washington DC. There many historic sites to see like museums, monuments, etc. You can also spend your time in theaters, relaxing in coffee shops or enjoying all forms of art found in the many galleries. You will get entertainment day or night. Take a camera or video recorder for the spectacular sites you will enjoy.

Hershey Park in Pennsylvania is another place not to pass up. You can include it in your itinerary when visiting Washington DC.

Unless the family is hot on skiing, try visiting the southern parts of the US, like San Diego, Los Angeles, etc. during the winter months. You will be assured of a warm vacation away from the cold of the north. You now have the information you need to start planning the theme vacation for your family. What are you waiting for?

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