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Family game night has proven to be a lot of fun for families, especially after the show aired on television showing how much fun families can have playing games together. Now that spring is here there are plenty of families looking to get outdoors. So why not move your family game night outdoors. Below you will find a list of spring and summer family game night activities that is sure to be a lot of fun. If you have an idea or suggestion you can put it in the comments section below this article.

Slip and slide bowling

Adding a new twist to the old fashioned slip and slide game can really be a lot of fun. First of course you need a regular slip and slide. If you don't have one, you can instead use a basic tarp. Tarps can usually be found near all of the camping gear. A regular tarp can be laid out in the yard. Next you will need to purchase very large water balloons. You can usually find this at just about anywhere. Try doing an online search to see if you can buy a bag of large balloons. Next you will want to fill the balloons with water and number them. You will need a total of five water balloons and five buckets as well. Small beach buckets are just the perfect size. Once you fill the balloons, place the buckets at one end of the tarp. Make sure that ground underneath is level. The buckets should be upside down. Place the water balloons on top of the buckets. Turn the hose on and place it so that the water runs down the tarp. What often works best is a sprinkler that can keep the entire tarp wet. Put the sprinkler in the middle of the tarp. Then each person will need to use a very large beach ball, roll it towards the water balloons and try to know over as many balloons as possible. The person who knocks over the most wins. What is really nice about this game is that you can switch it up. The slip in slide part comes in when each person runs and tosses the bowl down towards the balloon bowling pins. Just make sure the sprinkler is off to the side so no one runs into it. Keep in mind that this game can easily be changed up per your personal preference.

Bike ride maze

If your family thinks that they are good at riding bikes, they may find it a little more difficult when they are going through an obstacle course. Creating your own bike ride maze in the yard can really be a lot of fun. Start by setting up some of the kids play buckets in the yard. Number the buckets and place them in different spots in the yard. You can really use anything you have in the yard for your obstacle course. A chair can be set up along the course as well. How difficult and how easy the course is really depends on the age of your kids. It is already going to be difficult riding the bike on the grass, but even more difficult when you have to maneuver around different things. Get a stopwatch and time each person. Who ever has the fastest time is the winner. If you want to make things more difficult why not use a small kid's bike for everyone. This will even out the game field for both the kids and adults.

Water Balloon Twister

Twister is a fun game, that the entire family can enjoy playing. With water balloon twister you will definitely end up getting wet. Start by laying out a regular twister mat. Blow up a bunch of different colored watered balloons. Match up the water balloons to the twister board colors. Make sure the ground is level. In order to get the balloon to stay in place you can use double sided tape. As you call out the right colors, each person will have to put their hand or foot on the right color. In order to stay in the game, you will need to pop each balloon. Each person get's two attempts to pop their balloon. This game can also be changed up per your families liking.

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