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Selling your photography online has plenty of avenues available now where you can expect convenient methods of commerce. But when you're finding places to merely promote, what's really the best venue for getting your photographs the widest possible exposure? With Flickr's recent redesign and ability to store more pictures than ever on their database, you might have found a comprehensive place.

Keep in mind, though, that you can't legally advertise on Flickr. Nevertheless, you can still use the site as a supreme source in getting your photographs noticed by using a little ingenuity.

Better Changes to Pro Accounts on Flickr

Since Flickr's overhaul, they've eliminated their pay Pro accounts, yet offer many of the same benefits of making your photos look extremely professional. That includes assembling your photos into collections and letting you upload your photos in their full, original pixel quality. They also give you 1 Terabyte of space so you can essentially show off a massive collection if you want to.

Professional tools like this for free go a long way in making your photographs look good to your emerging audience. As well, you have the good news of being able to retain your old pro Flickr account if you had one prior.

Provide Links to Other Locations in Your Description Box

While you can't directly advertise your website on Flickr, you can use a little ingenuity and provide links in your photo description boxes. This is a backdoor way of linking to other sites that promote your photos without making it look like you're selling or violating the terms of service. Also be sure to include proper keywords in your descriptions so people can find your work through Google searches.

The Use of Creative Commons

Did you know that Flickr has a Creative Commons section where you can allow your photographs to be used as online stock photography? You obviously can't make money this way, though it's an option worth considering on Flickr if only for the publicity. And the more your name becomes known, the more people will look up your website to buy your work.

Yes, for many photographers, starting out in online stock photography is a good way to gain an audience for monetary gain later.

Share and Comment On Other People's Work to Gain Followers

Marketing in the arts is usually a symbiotic process where sharing or commenting on someone's work leads to reciprocation. It can work the same way on Flickr by looking through the user groups and finding other work you admire. Make comments on that person's photo and he or she will likely do the same to your photographs.

With these tools, it's clear that Flickr has become the supreme online marketing tool for photography. Regardless, you have to expect some time to develop your audience, so don't expect hefty returns right away. Keep posting as many amazing photos as you can on Flickr over a period of a year to consistently display and prove your unique artistic eye.

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