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Although digital photography is actually a lot simpler than the old-fashioned film photography, many people are intimidated by it. The cameras are so small and have buttons and screens and look high-tech. It can frighten anyone without a firm grasp of technology.

Benefits of digital photography

The biggest advantage of digital photography over film is that you can see the results instantly, erase and try again right away. With film, you would have to wait at least an hour with the fastest developer in order to see the pictures you took. Digital cameras are far more cost effective in this manner.

The other great thing about digital photography is that it is already formatted for the computer. No more scanning countless pictures or getting copies made to send to Gramma in Japan! Now you can just upload the pictures from the camera, attach them to an email and your distant friends and family can see the new photos, just minutes old.

Tips for taking great photos

With digital photography, it is far easier to make sure you took a great photo. With memory cards that hold up to 800 photos, you can be sure you took the one that you wanted. But in case you don't want to spend all day clicking away, here are some ideas to make sure your photos turn out the first time.

– Use natural lighting. Digital photography works best without the flash. The more natural light there is, the less grainy the photos will be. Sunlight will add harsh shadows, so the ideal light is on a cloudy day. If taking shots indoors, try placing the subject near a large window, or open a door to let in more outdoor light.

– Bright colors look great in digital photography. Since the camera tends to dim things down a bit, brighter colors keep things lively. If you are at all handy with the computer, you can adjust the colors a little afterwards in Photoshop or a similar photo editing program.

– Keep the camera at least three to four feet away. Most digital cameras were never meant for extreme close-ups. If you want to get a closer crop, use the zoom while standing at an appropriate distance and edit the photo later on the computer. Digital photography has the advantage of being easily changeable once the photo has been taken.

– Switch angles. By taking several photos from different angles, you will be sure to capture the one you are looking for. Try laying down on the floor to shoot your toddler, or climb up on a chair for an aerial view.

– Make sure that there is always some black in the photo. This helps set off the other colors and tones and offers depth. Shadows are a good source of black. Taking a photo of a person standing in a doorway works because the dark room behind provides the contrast necessary in the picture.

With these digital photography tips, you should be able to take great photos in less time. This leaves you more time to take more photos and send them off to family and friends!

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