Best Katy Perry Videos: 3 Top Music Videos by Rock Goddess Katy Perry

If you don't like Katy Perry, too bad. Whether you pay attention to fashion, music or celebrity news, Katy Perry dominates them all. With her quirky, newsworthy style, her brilliantly composed pop songs and her marriage to hot comedy movie star Russell Brand, Katy Perry is giving Lady Gaga a run for her money as fashion and music pop icon of the moment.

With intentionally "Lolita" style imagery and generally elaborate costuming, set and animation, Katy Perry's videos are in as constant play in the music video circuit as Katy Perry songs are on the radio.

Explore 3 of the best Katy Perry music videos that showcase her perfect pop music with her quirky style sense and the sultry naughty vibe that gets her all the press.


As a metaphor for breaking through barriers and letting your heart shine, Katy Perry's bra explodes in her fabulous music video for one of the best Katy Perry songs, "Firework." A moving and inspiring song with lyrics that motivate the listener to be their best, the music video for "Firework" has images of people who do something bold, even if it might be unacceptable. For the big girls out there, there is a scene with a sort of big girl breaking through her apprehensions and stripping down and jumping into the pool in her skivvies.

"California Gurls"

Featuring the iconic Snoop Dogg and a theme reminiscent of the board game "Candyland," Katy Perry's "California Gurls" is a deliciously humorous and naughty tribute to California fashion, with a touch of sticky sweetness. The cupcake bikini tops are particularly charming. With the silly feel that goes on throughout the whole video, "California Gurls" is one of Katy Perry's subtly sexiest videos as well as her best.

"Teenage Dream"

An exhilarating video taking the viewer on a no-holds-barred car ride with Katy Perry, "Teenage Dream" is a song about intense teenaged love, the kind you would run away from home to pursue. This song also has an infectious and driving dance beat and a fabulous bridge that pumps up the song to the next video. Though most Katy Perry videos are subtly sultry, this one has some makeout scenes, so it is not the best Katy Perry video for kids.

Katy Perry's musical talent as well as her skill in handling the media have made her a top talent in the music video world. If

The Genesis of Reggae Music

Reggae is prevalent and influential in the American music culture. Reggae itself appeared in the West Indies, primarily in the vacation island of Jamaica.

In the 1930s, Jamaica initiated and became the center of the anti-colonial national liberation movement. The movement was symbolic of the struggle for independence and the rights of blacks. It was led by Marcus Le Havre who was a devout follower of the Bible. He foretold that the blacks of Jamaica would be saved from the oppression of the white by one great black leader of African origin.

And would you believe it, in 1930, the world witnessed the arrival of Ras Tafari. Those who believed in the words of Marcus Le Havre, believed that his prediction has came true. He was recognized as a living deity and those who believed in him became known as Rastafarians. Rasta did not consume meat, nor did he smoke tobacco. He didn't drink wine, nor did he consume salt. People believed that his long hair, which were more like sticks, were antennas connecting him to the spiritual world.

What is reggae? Some believe it is the movement in music derived from ragged rhythm, more popularly known as Regid rhythm. Some others say "reggae" is a tribe that existed in Tanganyika who spoke the language of the Bantu.

The foremost character in the history of reggae was Robert Nesta Marley, more commonly known as Bob Marley. He was born of a simple Jamaican woman, and as a child all he wanted to do was sing. It was only in 1963 that Bob formed his own music band the Wailers, which included two of his friends, Neaill O'Reilly Livingston, who had the nickname Benny Ueyler, and Hubert McIntosh, now known as Peter Tosh.

Around the mid-'70s, these musicians disconnected from Bob Marley and continued their career independently while Marley joined the Rastafarians. After Marley's successful performances in the United States he became recognized as the "king of reggae." He used his music to preach and unite people for a cause. He became not only a fighter for the independence movement but also a talented musician.

The tremendous success of Marley in uniting people with the power of music and his passion to succeed has created a whole new legacy of musicians who propagate the use of reggae.

After the smashing success of reggae in the United States, its demand spilled over …

Music Bands that Blend Sounds

A new trend for bands is to combine a musical blend of styles from punk, rock, reggae and rap. These songs often make the top radio charts or are extremely hard to find unless you are capable of downloading them. Often you may not even be aware of a band's existence until a friend or family member points them out. No band actually stands out with the start of this phenomenal trend.

It could have been the famous white rapper Eminem who started it off when he did a song called "Stan" with the beautifully voiced Dido. Or maybe it happened when Eminem sang with Marilyn Manson on stage during a concert tour. The name of that song for the curious was "The way I am." Perhaps it started long before that in the underground places and garages where bands are born.

Many artists other than Eminem have proven they can sing as well as rap and mix other blends of sound. Just take a look at Kid Rock. He came off to the world as the bad boy rapper with songs like "Bawitaba", "Cowboy" and "I am the Bull God" but proved he could sing just as well as rap in songs like "Only God knows why" and his duet with Sheryl Crow with the song "Picture". Kid Rock's name is just one among many that are not just found in the rock or rap genre. Looking him up you would actually find that the genre his music falls into is rock, alternative, heavy metal, southern rock, country and rap rock.

Maybe it's just the current generation that has decided a blend of music styles is what the world wants to hear. Bands like Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, 311 and even Aerosmith have mixed music style blends. Aerosmith did a great song with the rap group Run D.M.C. long before the a-fore mentioned bands even thought to get together.

Some current bands that have blended a harmony of sound waves include Flobots with their song "No Handlebars" and a band just recently come upon called Rehab with there wonderfully funny song "The Bartender Song". Both bands have rhythm, rhyme and harmonies not found in one set genre of music.

Other bands that have either mixed styles or came out with mixed blends include but are not limited too:

Rage Against the Machine, Cypress Hill, Suicidal Tendencies, Boondox, The …

Music Therapy and Cleaning the House: Getting Your Favorite Music to Work for You

See the source image

Music serves many applications in the world today. It is not only about enjoying your favorite tune. Music is said to sooth the soul. Just about every bartender can tell you about the drunk at the bar who is crying in his beer. Chances are he is listening to a “why she done me wrong song.” Furthermore, many women play their old love songs on DVD or listen to a radio D.J. just so they are not so lonely anymore.

Music therapy has been used in medicine to ease pain and has beneficial results for calming autistic children. Music can make a person feel happy or sad. Music therapy also helps reduce stress. Recently, scientists in Japan conducted experiments on mice showing that listening to certain kinds of music may help stop heart transplant rejection. This will be an amazing breakthrough if this therapy can be adapted for human heart transplant recipients.

As much as music calms the nervous system and puts a person at ease, it can energize and rejuvenate a person as well. Fitness gurus such as media personality Richard Simmons popularized getting healthy by exercising to music. His exercise video “Sweatin to the Oldies” was an instant success. Fitness instructors and doctors have known since the 1970s that music can help energize people; keeping them healthy and fit.

If most people are like me, they will need a motivator to get them to do their dreaded household chores. As I age I am finding that I am often too sick or too tired to do housework. However, housework has to be done whether I can do it or not. Any housekeeper will tell you the longer you put off doing your housework the harder it gets to keep the house as neat and tidy as you would like it. I discovered that I am more energized and ready to work when I am listening to music. I can pace myself and get the work done twice as fast that way.

Loughborough University in the UK has joined with media fitness expert by the name of Mr. Motivator to combine housework and exercise. I am disabled. I am not always able to exercise as I would like, but I still have to do my housework. This concept of combining exercise and housework it a good option for me. I will just add the music to make it more …

Free Music Concerts for July in the Greater Pasadena, California Area

The Pasadena Playhouse District kicked off its free summer concert series last night with a terrific performance by the Dave Hamm trio. The keyboard, bass and drums combo displayed tremendous enthusiasm and rapport in the numbers that they entertained the crowd with from 5pm to 7pm.

The 6th annual concert series is held in the Vroman's bookstore courtyard near the Laemelle Theater.

Here is a listing of free concerts in and around Pasadena during July:

Pasadena Playhouse District – Sunday evenings starting 5pm
Colorado Boulevard at El Molino

July 12 Vibraphonist Nick Mancini's Quartet

July 19 The Elliott Caine Quartet

July 26 The Leila Avila Group

Pasadena Levitt Pavilion – Wed through Sunday evenings until August 30
At Walnut and Ramond Street

Every Wednesday at 7pm is The Children's Hour

South Pasadena – Sunday evenings starting at 5pm

Garfield Park on Mission Street east of Fair Oaks

July 19 Swing, Inc.

Arcadia – Thursday evenings starting at 6:30pm
City Hall Lawn, 240 West Huntington Drive

July 9 Hodads – Beach Tunes

July 16 Howlin' Blues Boogie Band

July 23 Rockit Scientists – Tribute to Baby Boomers

July 30 Silverados – Country

La Canada Flintridge – Sundays starting 6pm
Memorial Park, 1301 Foothill Blvd.

July 12 Wake the Bard, Traditional Celtic

July 19 Pacific Coast Highway – Soft Rock

July 26 Brian Lynn Jones & the Misfit Cowboys – Country

Monrovia – Sunday evenings starting 6:30
Recreation Park at Shamrock and Lemon

July 12 Doo Wah Riders

July 19 Moondance – Swing, Jazz, Big Band

July 26 The Answer – Classic Pop

Sierra Madre – Sunday evenings starting at 6pm
Memorial Park on Sierra Madre Boulevard

July 12 Elvis – Classic Rock and Roll

July 19 The Surfin Safaris – Beach Music

July 26 LA Bluecasters – Rhythm and Blues

Temple City – Wednesdays starting at 7pm
Temple City Park, 9701 Las Tunas Drive

July 8 Suave the Band – Swing, Blues and Oldies

July 15 The Surfing Safaris – Beach Party Music

July 22 Nitro Express – Country Rock

July 29 Cold Duck – 70s / Top 40

All concerts are free and the locations are all within a 25-minute drive or less of downtown Pasadena. Coffee shops and restaurants are near each place as well to dine before or after.

The summer concert series held in each city shows the commitment to the arts that exists across the …

Mandy Moore Releases New Music Video: Extraordinary

Mandy Moore, the pop icon whose music was born in the 1990's has come alive again recently with a new music video to her new hit, "Extraordinary," which is a song found on her new album, "Wild Hope," which is to be released this summer on June 19, 2007.

The Extraordinary video was released on the Internet yesterday, May 8th, 2007. Her video was launched on Yahoo Music (, and also you can find more information about her video and new album on her website

Her video can be described as the "many faces of Mandy" which features a variety of Mandy acting either as parts of her or perhaps characters throughout her life or wishes to be. It begins with an image of Mandy balancing along a brick wall, Mandy singing, and of course, many other Mandys doing scary balancing acts, lounging in chairs, or other regular activities of everyday life. Maybe the meaning behind her video could be described as trying to balance the events and activities of our every day lives. At the end, the Mandy at the top parachutes down from the sky towards the ground. This could show the escape of trying to be a so -called "balancing act."

While watching her new video, you also get caught up with the tunes and lyrics of the song as well. The song "Extraordinary" has a new smooth tune that can leave you humming the chorus line for hours. It's soft and it's almost as if it's a tune to hear on a clear sunny summer day. Her video has a new creative approach and is quite unique compared to other pop music videos.

While showing us her talent in acting throughout many of her movies, we certainly get to see another creative talent from Mandy on the music side as well. Some may have only recognized Mandy from her recent movies such as "Because I Said So," "Chasing Liberty," and the heart-warming story written by Nicholas Sparks, " A Walk to Remember." But only her true fans will know her talents go way beyond acting. Mandy is a warm hearted individual with true inspirational music talents. She has come a long way since her first breaking out with "Candy," and Mandy has shown us how grown up she has become.

Get ready to view a …

CoMo Music – an Online Community for Music Fans in Missouri

CoMo Music is a great place to go for music news in all of Missouri. Although the name comes from Columbia and Missouri combined, the website caters to bands and fans all over Missouri. It is an online community that brings together musicians and music fans. Here are some of the features that CoMo Music offers through easy navigation.

Upcoming Shows – This is the most comprehensive list of upcoming shows that I've found. It lists what band, what day, the time, the venue, and even the price if it's available. You won't have to go search every venue website to see who's coming, or deal with all of the places that ticket master links to (not to mention, they don't always sell tickets for the smaller, local bands).

Album and Show Reviews – Visitors of CoMo Music are invited to send in album or show reviews of albums they've bought, or concerts they've gone to. The reviews don't have to be for local artists, and members of CoMo Music can leave comments on reviews, and even leave reviews of their own.

Local Venues and Artists – Venues can send in their information to be added for bands to know about and book. Artists can also send in bios to add to the comprehensive list of local bands and musicians in Missouri. Again, this is the largest comprehensive list of local bands that I've found.

Como Library – The library is for articles and information. It allows members to share the information they've learned with other members. Members can post comments, feedback, and advice for other users.

Classifieds – The classified are just what they seem to be. Bands looking for musicians, instruments, etc. can post messages and people looking to join a band or sell an instrument can respond to make a transaction.

Como Message Board & Chat Room – Chat with other members of Como Music (bands, fans, everyone) through forums and the chat room. This is a way to really connect with others around the state.

Photo Gallery – In the Como Photo Gallery, you can browse through pictures from shows in the area, as well as submit your own.

Como Radio – Como Radio is a really cool feature that allows you to stream music from local artists online.

Over all, CoMo Music brings together everything music fans and musicians could want and need. They have …

Why You Should Listen to Trance Music

I listen to trance music. The reason why I listen, like or prefer to listen to trance music are many. Yet as I in my later age have learned of facts like for instance; that the human heart beat per minute for a person in his thirties, is very close or in range of the tempo that trance music holds between 130 and 160 BPM "Beat Per Minute"

But lets trust the fact and acknowledge that music is something that we until this day do not understand completely. Mankind and all his esthetic endeavors have through all ages, loved the artistic influences and euphoric feelings that music creates for our senses. As so, it is with my taste in music, that I believe at some level of consciousness, which I still know not fully. That at one point in creation, before anything had come into beginning. Music manifested itself, as any reader, you, can decide if this music in your mind is in need of a creator, or as i presume that even without God or any other deity, music was able to exist. I will not lead you astray on my own path of existential evolution, rather I ask you, would you believe me when I say; that when God created all things, he listened to trance music?

Hence I hold it true, that the primordial sound of AUM as understood by Hindus. Affirms the existence of sound at the beginning of all things. So also I feel, that this music that gives me energy, is holding within it the essence of the whole universe. If there ever was a source of endless energy that could uplift your body and make you feel good inside, would you not want to hear this sound? As evolution continues, none of us know where our creative abilities will take us. But one thing we can be sure of. As long as humanity exists, our natural or man made environment will forever inspire us to create that harmony, one which we find within ourselves, and within the reality which we all perceive different. Humanity will never let this flame of collective understanding go lost, music binds us together and wipes out national, racial and ethnic boundaries. Music creates peace, and for this reason i feel its worth, to strive ahead and await the great day. The day when one single genius, one day …

Video Killed the Radio Star: Three of the Coolest Music Videos of the '80s

The '80s were a time filled with big hair, bright clothing, and some seriously fun music. Rewind back to an era when MTV actually played music videos from the likes of Madonna and Michael Jackson to Poison and hair bands, the '80s were a period filled to the brim with individuality, pop culture, and entertainment. Above all, nothing could ever quite match up to the music that came out during this decade. Here is a look at five of the coolest music videos of the '80s.

"Thriller" by Michael Jackson

The music video that tops all other music videos is none other than Michael Jackson's classic "Thriller." From the amazing dance moves to the catchy beat, not to mention a graveyard full of zombies, "Thriller" never fails to get me on my feet. Play this song at a party, and you're bound to have a packed dance floor with guests trying to mimic the dance moves from the video.

"Take On Me" by A-Ha

One of the coolest music videos to come out of the '80s belongs to A-Ha. "Take On Me" starts off ordinarily enough but soon draws your attention as the girl in the video gets sucked into a comic book with the charmingly good-looking lead singer. If the song wasn't catchy enough for you, you are bound to get reeled in hook, line and sinker by the music video.

"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper

It doesn't get much more fun than "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper. From the upbeat song to the fabulously '80s clothing, Lauper's video for "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" never disappoints. The best part of the video occurs when Lauper's "dad," pro-wrestler Lou Albano peeks into Cyndi's room and sees it jam packed with a crowd of people all dancing, talking, and having a blast. Cyndi Lauper effectively sums up the '80s for me in the course of a four-minute music video.

Say what you want about the '80s, but don't you dare knock the music or the videos. The hair may have been big, the clothing may have been bright, but the music was awesome and got us all dancing. What was your favorite music video from the '80s.


Play Music for and Talk to Your Unborn Baby

Sound Beginnings is a sound delivery system that provides ways to soothe and talk to your unborn child using a machine washable, nylon/Lycra band that features a pocket for your MP3 player and built-in speakers for the baby.

Expectant mommies can comfortably wear the band, which is similar to belly bands many women wear as extra support or to enable them to keep wearing non-maternity clothing.

Not only can you use this system to play calming music for your baby, but you can also use the online Sound Delivery Service to talk to your unborn child. Along with the band, you also receive a user code that enables you and anyone else you choose to call a toll-free number and record messages to the baby.

The service converts the messages to MP3 format so that you can play it for the baby with your MP3 player in the pocket of the band. Using this feature, everyone from Daddy to siblings to grandparents can relate stories, sing songs or tell nursery rhymes to the little one.

As the health and well-being of your child are certainly your top priority, you can use this product knowing that Sound Beginnings is safe for your baby.

"We have done extensive due diligence and consulted with leading scientists to make sure it is safe," assures David Shin, President of Sound Beginnings, Inc. "We have taken safety a step further and addressed the vibration concern and have virtually eliminated the vibrations from the speakers. no other product addresses this concern. Safety and health of baby is our number one concern."

For best results, use the player in short intervals throughout your day. You can wear the band comfortably all day long; in fact, you might appreciate the support it provides. The only time Sound Beginnings advises against using the sound delivery system the week prior to delivery.

Currently, the Sound Beginnings band is available in black, white and nude. Size B is made to fit women who wore a pant size of 4, 6 or 8 prior to becoming pregnant. Size C fits women whose pre-maternity size was 10, 12 or 14. The company plans to offer plus sizes by January of 2012.

If you are interested in this unique prenatal bonding system, you can find the online at sites such as or at popular brick-and-mortar retailers including Babies R Us, Bed, Bath & Beyond …