A Review on Samsung's YP-T9B Music, Video and Image Player

The YP-T9B is a music and video device designed and distributed by Samsung. At first glance, the YP-T9B looks like a mini mobile phone. From a closer look, it is actually a small device that plays MP3, flash games, movies, pictures and as a FM tuner as well. This device is pretty ideal for those who commute to work daily as it will help kill some time.

Music Player:
This device can play MP3, WMA and OGG files. It comes with a whooping 2GB of storage. You can store a couple of hundred of MP3 files in this device. In my case, I manage to cramp up a whooping 800 MP3 files into this tiny device. Most of the MP3 files are in its original form – I did not downsize the file to lower quality ones.

Also, what appealed me was in fact that you can tune in to your favorite FM radio station with the YP-T9B. The radio tuner has good reception although it might not work well in underground areas.

Movie Player:
I can play various movies on this device as well. It supports ASF, AVI, MPEG4, RMVB, SWF and WMV. You can actually watch your movies on the tiny 1.8 inch screen which is 220 by 176 pixels. Although it might be a little small, the images are crisp and sharp. Take note however, that you might eventually strain your eyes if you watch too long.

The YP-T9B comes with two types of connectivity – Bluetooth and USB. Transferring multiple files into the device might take some time. For example, I tried putting 1GB of MP3 files into the device. It took me more than 20 minutes just to upload the files into the YP-T9B.

However, I don't really find any usage for the Bluetooth since you'll get your data into the device through USB – unless your friends want to transfer some files from their mobile to the YP-T9B.

Picture Viewer:
You can actually treat the YP-T9B as your personal digital photo album. I love to show images to my friends and at time my phone's memory tends to overload. I could easily transfer these images to the YP-T9B and clear up my phone's memory.

The device can display clear and sharp images, though through the tiny 1.8 inch display.

As a conclusion, if you want to substitute your iPod or iPod nano, you …