How Natural Family Planning Charts Help Determine Fertility

Natural family planning charts are helpful tools to both the woman seeking a form of contraception and the one hoping to get pregnant. They all help women find their most fertile days in each menstrual cycle.

There are hundreds of products on the market sold as natural family planning charts. Some are available only through family planning classes, however.

While some charts record only one way to measure fertility – such as basal body temperature – others record multiple types of readings and can be quite complex. For the woman who wants to avoid pregnancy, understanding all aspects of the chart before using it is essential. Examples of some of the more popular charts and instructions for using them can be found at the Georgetown University Institute for Reproductive Health site.

According to WebMD, all the methods of natural family planning captured on charts are based on finding the time of ovulation. For optimal planning effectiveness, women should use all the methods in combination for several months before attempting to use them as natural birth control.

The charts by themselves are relatively inexpensive. However, the cost of natural family planning classes varies greatly. Women can use charts to track the following methods of planning:

Calendar (Rhythm)

A woman needs to guess her next ovulation event after recording several months of menstrual cycles, which is fairly easy to learn. Based on the chart, she deduces on which days of the month she’s most likely to ovulate. Fertile days begin five days prior to ovulation.

The main disadvantage is that this type of chart only works if she has regular 28-day menstrual cycles. Even women with regular cycles occasionally experience irregular ones. Women don’t always ovulate exactly in mid-cycle. Some experts advise that it’s more likely to happy between 9 and 17 days prior to her next period. This makes this type of tracking imprecise when used alone.

Standard Days Method (SDM)

This type of charting utilizes a string of colored beads known as CycleBeads to track a woman’s cycle. It works best for those with cycles between 26 and 32 days long.

To use this type of tracking, the red bead counts as day 1 of a woman’s period. Each successive day is one bead. A dark brown bead corresponds to day 26. The last brown bead before the red bead represents day 32.

Unfortunately, women who have more than one …

Sex and the City 2 – Movie Review

Sex and the City 2 combines a lot of what fans have been expecting from their four gals and their guys. The fashions are incredible and the jewelry is out of this world. But the story is not what fans of the show and characters are used to. It is basically, outside of all the drama of the lives of Samantha (Kim Cattrall), Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Charlotte (Kristin Davis) and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), a political comment on the suppression of women in the Muslim culture.

The first part of the film is downright adorable. There is a wonderful wedding filled with plenty of humor and memorable moments. And Liza Minnelli makes an appearance as well as sings and dances. But from then on the story takes on a more political and disconcerting tone as the four women take off to Abu Dhabi for an all-expense paid trip complete with personal suites on board the airplane and a luxurious suite in a five star resort, not to mention they each have their own butler as well as their own private Maybach car at their disposal.

Changes in the Lives of Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda

The four women are each going through their own drama and changes. Miranda has hit the glass ceiling at her job so she decides she needs to change law firms. Charlotte’s daughter Rose is going through the terrible twos, which takes the perfect mother to her breaking point. And speaking of the terrible twos, Carrie and Big, aka John Preston, are in their second year of marriage and Carrie is having a hard time trying to merge her old life with her new married one. And as for the ultimate change, Samantha is in the middle of menopause. Drama, drama, drama.

While the women are in Abu Dhabi, they face the culture with alarm and hesitation. They take a swipe at the oppressive culture when they join together at a karaoke club to sing “I am Woman,” a highlight of the film.

But Samantha being who she is, cannot resist a fling while away, and that leads to trouble in this religious culture. She is outraged that her sexuality is considered a no-no. What is Samantha without sex?

While the city of New York is not one of the characters in this film, which it has been in the TV series as well as the …

Adventures in Gardening: Part 6

This is a series. You can read parts 1-5 on my profile page, found here.

Dang! Has it been another two weeks already? There's something about doing a scheduled series that really makes me aware of the passing of time and how quickly the weeks fly by. Summer is winding down already. If I hadn't planned on doing this, I doubt I would have written much at all this summer. I have just been so busy with the garden and house projects. Anyway, enough whining about time and on with the updates for weeks nine and ten:

First of all, like I mentioned last time, our pumpkin plants are having issues. We sprayed them when they were smaller, but I didn't want to spray when I was harvesting the pumpkin blossoms. I was also worried about the bees. Unfortunately, some sort of bug or wilt disease killed about half of our plants. It was so disheartening to go out and see yet another plant just shriveled up and completely dead. It wasn't just a water issue, because one plant would be big and healthy and the one right next to it would be dead.

I finally broke down and let my husband spray Sevin again, at night, when the blossoms were closed. I picked a bunch of blossoms before he sprayed and still had plenty of bees after that. I wish I could avoid chemicals, but sometimes you have to choose between having no produce at all or having some that has been sprayed a little. This was quickly spreading all over the garden. I'm sure there are more natural ways to grow things, but I just don't have the time to commit to that right now. I'm lucky if I get out there once or twice a week other than picking a few things. I think it helped stop the spread of the problem. I really hope I don't lose all the good pumpkins, squash and gourds that are growing. That would be a major bummer. I set out saying that as long as I got some pumpkin blossoms, then I would be happy, but now that I see all the pumpkins and other things growing, I don't want to lose them. Hang in there, plants!

It has been really dry in our area of Northwest Ohio. We hadn't really had to mow the yard in months. The grass …

A Review on Samsung's YP-T9B Music, Video and Image Player

The YP-T9B is a music and video device designed and distributed by Samsung. At first glance, the YP-T9B looks like a mini mobile phone. From a closer look, it is actually a small device that plays MP3, flash games, movies, pictures and as a FM tuner as well. This device is pretty ideal for those who commute to work daily as it will help kill some time.

Music Player:
This device can play MP3, WMA and OGG files. It comes with a whooping 2GB of storage. You can store a couple of hundred of MP3 files in this device. In my case, I manage to cramp up a whooping 800 MP3 files into this tiny device. Most of the MP3 files are in its original form – I did not downsize the file to lower quality ones.

Also, what appealed me was in fact that you can tune in to your favorite FM radio station with the YP-T9B. The radio tuner has good reception although it might not work well in underground areas.

Movie Player:
I can play various movies on this device as well. It supports ASF, AVI, MPEG4, RMVB, SWF and WMV. You can actually watch your movies on the tiny 1.8 inch screen which is 220 by 176 pixels. Although it might be a little small, the images are crisp and sharp. Take note however, that you might eventually strain your eyes if you watch too long.

The YP-T9B comes with two types of connectivity – Bluetooth and USB. Transferring multiple files into the device might take some time. For example, I tried putting 1GB of MP3 files into the device. It took me more than 20 minutes just to upload the files into the YP-T9B.

However, I don't really find any usage for the Bluetooth since you'll get your data into the device through USB – unless your friends want to transfer some files from their mobile to the YP-T9B.

Picture Viewer:
You can actually treat the YP-T9B as your personal digital photo album. I love to show images to my friends and at time my phone's memory tends to overload. I could easily transfer these images to the YP-T9B and clear up my phone's memory.

The device can display clear and sharp images, though through the tiny 1.8 inch display.

As a conclusion, if you want to substitute your iPod or iPod nano, you …

Ways Flickr Can Help Gain Your Photography a Larger Audience

Selling your photography online has plenty of avenues available now where you can expect convenient methods of commerce. But when you're finding places to merely promote, what's really the best venue for getting your photographs the widest possible exposure? With Flickr's recent redesign and ability to store more pictures than ever on their database, you might have found a comprehensive place.

Keep in mind, though, that you can't legally advertise on Flickr. Nevertheless, you can still use the site as a supreme source in getting your photographs noticed by using a little ingenuity.

Better Changes to Pro Accounts on Flickr

Since Flickr's overhaul, they've eliminated their pay Pro accounts, yet offer many of the same benefits of making your photos look extremely professional. That includes assembling your photos into collections and letting you upload your photos in their full, original pixel quality. They also give you 1 Terabyte of space so you can essentially show off a massive collection if you want to.

Professional tools like this for free go a long way in making your photographs look good to your emerging audience. As well, you have the good news of being able to retain your old pro Flickr account if you had one prior.

Provide Links to Other Locations in Your Description Box

While you can't directly advertise your website on Flickr, you can use a little ingenuity and provide links in your photo description boxes. This is a backdoor way of linking to other sites that promote your photos without making it look like you're selling or violating the terms of service. Also be sure to include proper keywords in your descriptions so people can find your work through Google searches.

The Use of Creative Commons

Did you know that Flickr has a Creative Commons section where you can allow your photographs to be used as online stock photography? You obviously can't make money this way, though it's an option worth considering on Flickr if only for the publicity. And the more your name becomes known, the more people will look up your website to buy your work.

Yes, for many photographers, starting out in online stock photography is a good way to gain an audience for monetary gain later.

Share and Comment On Other People's Work to Gain Followers

Marketing in the arts is usually a symbiotic process where sharing or commenting on someone's work leads to …