Why You Should Listen to Trance Music

I listen to trance music. The reason why I listen, like or prefer to listen to trance music are many. Yet as I in my later age have learned of facts like for instance; that the human heart beat per minute for a person in his thirties, is very close or in range of the tempo that trance music holds between 130 and 160 BPM "Beat Per Minute"

But lets trust the fact and acknowledge that music is something that we until this day do not understand completely. Mankind and all his esthetic endeavors have through all ages, loved the artistic influences and euphoric feelings that music creates for our senses. As so, it is with my taste in music, that I believe at some level of consciousness, which I still know not fully. That at one point in creation, before anything had come into beginning. Music manifested itself, as any reader, you, can decide if this music in your mind is in need of a creator, or as i presume that even without God or any other deity, music was able to exist. I will not lead you astray on my own path of existential evolution, rather I ask you, would you believe me when I say; that when God created all things, he listened to trance music?

Hence I hold it true, that the primordial sound of AUM as understood by Hindus. Affirms the existence of sound at the beginning of all things. So also I feel, that this music that gives me energy, is holding within it the essence of the whole universe. If there ever was a source of endless energy that could uplift your body and make you feel good inside, would you not want to hear this sound? As evolution continues, none of us know where our creative abilities will take us. But one thing we can be sure of. As long as humanity exists, our natural or man made environment will forever inspire us to create that harmony, one which we find within ourselves, and within the reality which we all perceive different. Humanity will never let this flame of collective understanding go lost, music binds us together and wipes out national, racial and ethnic boundaries. Music creates peace, and for this reason i feel its worth, to strive ahead and await the great day. The day when one single genius, one day …

Vicky Cristina Barcelona Movie Review: Penelope Cruz, Scarlett Johansson Starrer – Woody Allen Lite


See the source imageNeurotic and directionless, pretty but appallingly vacant, Vicky Cristina Barcelona is a sugar-free, fat-free diet slice of life. Set in a city much more dynamic than its characters, the film transposes the textbook female quarter-life crisis across the Atlantic into Catalonia, where the beautiful scenery of Barcelona leaves the viewer unprepared for the volley of clichés that director Woody Allen is about to launch.

One-Dimensional Acting

Immediately the briskly clipped words of the narrator cut through lazy, golden-hued panoramas of the title city, spoiling the mood accumulating behind the majestic vistas and Spanish guitars. The voice begins to grate after about thirty seconds, as the listener gets the unshakable impression the narrator is patting himself on the back for being so relentlessly clever in his glib descriptions of Vicky, Cristina, and their respective circumstances. With this unrelenting refusal to let the film speak for itself—often, the characters are silenced as the narrator speaks, helplessly moving their mouths like goldfish trapped in a cinematic bowl—Vicky Cristina sometimes resembles an obnoxious tourist’s slideshow more than a film.

The shallow exploration of Barcelona as a “character” in the film does not help Vicky’s paper-thin character gain any sympathy, either—aside from a few shots of her in the library and vague references to a long-standing infatuation with the architecture of Antonio Gaudi, the setting could be any other picturesque, historical European city. Vicky may find Catalan guitar music “magical,” but the narrator has to explain her enchantment in the absence of any real acting on the part of Rebecca Hall.

Hall’s proclivity for staring off into space necessarily detracts from any solid interpretation of these stares, rendered ineffective from overuse. Scarlett Johansson, playing Cristina, surpasses even Hall in the number of times she whips out the all-purpose blank stare, and so the narrator is summoned from his back-patting reverie to explain her every thought and feeling.

Narrative Interference

While an intrusive narrator is acceptable in moderation, Vicky Cristina’s quickly reaches a saturation point and actively bars the film from showing instead of telling. This narrator is a light switched on during an intimate moment—whenever a mood begins to congeal out of the lamentably shallow dialogue, the narrator cheerily smashes it. In a leering aside, during a smoldering scene between Vicky and Juan Antonio (Javier Bardem, whose talent as evidenced in No Country for Old Men is pitifully squandered here), the narrator …

Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange : Movie Review

Set in future Britain, A Clockwork Orange is the story of a sadistic, perverted and ultra violent teenager named Alex (Malcolm McDowell) who along with his cronies terrorized the back streets of the city and remote suburban establishments hitting on old drunkards, breaking into houses, damaging private and public property and of course raping all the women they could lay their hands on. And whatever time they still managed to spare they spent fighting rival gangs and getting high on drugs in the 'milk bar'. However, like many great leaders, one day Alex too lost favor with his grudging subordinates. And thanks to their treachery his luck finally ran out. He was arrested, tried and charged with murder.

While in prison he came to learn of a new project launched by the government aimed at reforming the prisoners by messing with their minds so that they would never again commit crime. As compensation for volunteering his 18 years sentence would be reduced to just a fortnight and good old Alex would be on the streets again, much sooner than expected.

On being released, the new Alex finds a hostile and uncompromising world waiting for him full of people whom he had once wronged and who had lied in wait to get even with him. In his compromised condition (he can no longer raise fists to fight or defend himself without feeling nauseous) homeless, penniless and hopeless, Alex sees a world which is very familiar to him but which he never expected to live — that of the victim.


What works in favor of A Clockwork Orange

The movie very effectively addresses the issue of prisoner reform alongside telling a very interesting and gripping story.

The acting is top-notch and just the way Alex says " well well well well" or "righty right" while twirling his stick is enough to send a shiver down your spine.

Music plays a very important part in this movie and the way it is used in tandem with scenes of violence is simply amazing.

My verdict on A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange is definitely a movie worth watching. It has high drama, a fast narrative and of course the brilliant acting of Malcolm McDowell (as Alex). At times the movie becomes grossly perverted and at other times almost spiritual, it portrays a total cornucopia of emotions aided by spell binding background scores. If …

How to Keep Picnic Foods Cold

Summer is the perfect time to have a picnic. The only problem is it’s hard to keep picnic foods cold, especially during the blazing months of July and August. The hot temperatures of these months can quickly turn potato salad into a salmonella infested nightmare. Luckily, there are easy ways to keep picnic foods cold.

How to Keep Picnic Foods Cold #1: Buy a Cooler

The size of cooler you will need to purchase will depend on the size of your family. If you have a small family, a large cooler will not work properly to keep your picnic foods cold. This is because picnic foods will stay cold longer if you pack them tightly. When picnic foods are packed tightly the items work together to keep everything cold. A soft-sided cooler will allow you to pack more picnic foods in one space and be easier to transport.

How to Keep Picnic Foods Cold #2: Freeze Bottles of Water

Many people use ice to keep their picnic foods cold, but this can quickly become a big mess. As the ice melts, your picnic foods may become soaked with water. Items that have paper packages will easily be ruined. That’s why frozen bottles of water work better at keeping your picnic foods cold. You can also freeze bottles of juice. I don’t recommend freezing bottles of soda, because the carbonation of the soda will diminish as it thaws out. This is also a much better option than ice packs, because this tip also ensures that your beverages are nice and icy cold.

How to Keep Picnic Foods Cold #3: Thoroughly Chill Items Before Packing Them

It’s actually best to prepare picnic foods either the night before or several hours before the event. This way, picnic foods will be thoroughly chilled. When you place things, like potato salad, into a cooler before they have had time to chill thoroughly, they will rise to unsafe temperatures quickly. They will also warm up other picnic foods more quickly.

How to Keep Picnic Foods Cold #4: Buy Specially Designed Products

Other than coolers, and ice packs, there are items that will keep your picnic foods cold longer. For example, you can buy small refrigerators for you vehicle. These plug into your cigarette lighter and will keep your picnic food cold for as long as you need them to. There are also bowls designed to keep

Video Killed the Radio Star: Three of the Coolest Music Videos of the '80s

The '80s were a time filled with big hair, bright clothing, and some seriously fun music. Rewind back to an era when MTV actually played music videos from the likes of Madonna and Michael Jackson to Poison and hair bands, the '80s were a period filled to the brim with individuality, pop culture, and entertainment. Above all, nothing could ever quite match up to the music that came out during this decade. Here is a look at five of the coolest music videos of the '80s.

"Thriller" by Michael Jackson

The music video that tops all other music videos is none other than Michael Jackson's classic "Thriller." From the amazing dance moves to the catchy beat, not to mention a graveyard full of zombies, "Thriller" never fails to get me on my feet. Play this song at a party, and you're bound to have a packed dance floor with guests trying to mimic the dance moves from the video.

"Take On Me" by A-Ha

One of the coolest music videos to come out of the '80s belongs to A-Ha. "Take On Me" starts off ordinarily enough but soon draws your attention as the girl in the video gets sucked into a comic book with the charmingly good-looking lead singer. If the song wasn't catchy enough for you, you are bound to get reeled in hook, line and sinker by the music video.

"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper

It doesn't get much more fun than "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper. From the upbeat song to the fabulously '80s clothing, Lauper's video for "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" never disappoints. The best part of the video occurs when Lauper's "dad," pro-wrestler Lou Albano peeks into Cyndi's room and sees it jam packed with a crowd of people all dancing, talking, and having a blast. Cyndi Lauper effectively sums up the '80s for me in the course of a four-minute music video.

Say what you want about the '80s, but don't you dare knock the music or the videos. The hair may have been big, the clothing may have been bright, but the music was awesome and got us all dancing. What was your favorite music video from the '80s.