Planning an Outdoor Family Game Night During the Summer Months

Family game night has proven to be a lot of fun for families, especially after the show aired on television showing how much fun families can have playing games together. Now that spring is here there are plenty of families looking to get outdoors. So why not move your family game night outdoors. Below you will find a list of spring and summer family game night activities that is sure to be a lot of fun. If you have an idea or suggestion you can put it in the comments section below this article.

Slip and slide bowling

Adding a new twist to the old fashioned slip and slide game can really be a lot of fun. First of course you need a regular slip and slide. If you don't have one, you can instead use a basic tarp. Tarps can usually be found near all of the camping gear. A regular tarp can be laid out in the yard. Next you will need to purchase very large water balloons. You can usually find this at just about anywhere. Try doing an online search to see if you can buy a bag of large balloons. Next you will want to fill the balloons with water and number them. You will need a total of five water balloons and five buckets as well. Small beach buckets are just the perfect size. Once you fill the balloons, place the buckets at one end of the tarp. Make sure that ground underneath is level. The buckets should be upside down. Place the water balloons on top of the buckets. Turn the hose on and place it so that the water runs down the tarp. What often works best is a sprinkler that can keep the entire tarp wet. Put the sprinkler in the middle of the tarp. Then each person will need to use a very large beach ball, roll it towards the water balloons and try to know over as many balloons as possible. The person who knocks over the most wins. What is really nice about this game is that you can switch it up. The slip in slide part comes in when each person runs and tosses the bowl down towards the balloon bowling pins. Just make sure the sprinkler is off to the side so no one runs into it. Keep in mind that this game can easily be …

Schwan's Offers Good Food but Hasn't Proven to Be Reliable

When my wife and I lived out on the East Coast, we were frequent Schwan's customers. It was hard to find decent meat at the local grocery stores and the company offered quality products at a reasonable price. More importantly, they would deliver them right to our door.

When we moved back to Wisconsin and got settled in our own place, we decided we once again wanted to give Schwan's a try. This time, it wasn't because we couldn't find the same quality; it was because the prices were actually slightly better than what we could find locally.

Unfortunately for us, Schwan's service seems to have gone downhill and we don't know if we will be doing business with them any more.

We've actually attempted to renew our services with Schwan's twice. We ordered food from them a couple of years ago and then did so again just a couple of weeks ago. Both times, we were very disappointed.

In the incident that took place a couple of years ago, we placed an order using their Web site and were told the food would be delivered a couple of days later, when the truck was in our area. Three weeks later, we hadn't received our order and didn't even see a truck. And, several attempts to contact the company also were unsuccessful. Finally, we were able to reach a district manager who apologized to us and allowed us to cancel our order. He explained to us that they were having problems keeping drivers in our area and that caused the delay.

When we saw a driver looking for new customers in our neighborhood a couple of weeks ago, we decided to give Schwan's another chance. This time, rather than order online, we opted to instead place the order with the driver himself. One item was found right away the other item we requested was not in the truck but he promised to deliver it the next day.

We never saw the driver again. And, after a little over a week, we had not received the item we had ordered; forcing my wife to once again have to call in to the company. Two days after she called them, the item was finally delivered by a manager. When he delivered it, there was no apology or attempt to make things right, he just said "here's your order," handed me the item …

Monster Garden

You are arrogant.

This definitive statement blesses my email with its twinkling wonder on my cracked smart phone. The note is from my friend, and I should say, my only friend. Please know this about my friend. He is unstable and remarkably simple… bald, full figured, degenerative. His words reflect that, but you might not agree with me-yet. Allow me then to offer some proof.

This is how it is. I have a garden. Pure, simple, bliss. You’ve read the clichés, sun kissed and peaceful. There are no hidden agendas or buried treasures in my garden. I worked with just plants and damp soils that surge up an aroma of sweet serenity. My garden has no monsters like many other gardens do. And my garden has a use. I use my garden as a social affair both while I am in it toiling with regrettable plants and while apart from it, say at the store or church, places where pleasantries overshadow purpose.

“You’re tomatoes are dead,” my friend says while wiping a speck of dirt from his unnaturally clean hands. “You didn’t maintain them or water them. You’re a fool out here. Little wonder your wife is dead.”

“I don’t see the relation between those two things,” I explain slowly so that my friend can absorb the words correctly on the first try. “Besides my wife is not dead, she simply left me. You know this and you know it’s a painful subject.”

“As your only friend, I am telling you plainly-you are lying. Your wife is so dead not even Jesus can bring her back.”

“You’re a terrible friend, why do you keep showing up in my garden. You are worse than my enemy.”

And then, as if a plot point changed gears, in to my garden enters this person who all knows to be my clear enemy in life. I welcome my enemy though. At least I know who is arrayed against me without wavering. If only a friend could be so steadfast. My enemy is discolored in the mind, disquieted in the head, and disfigured in attitude. My enemy promptly tramples my thriving tomatoes spilling out the drenched dirt, still damp from the morning dew.

“Your tomatoes are really dead now!” Laughs my dim friend.

My enemy smiles weakly at me, tapping its chin thoughtfully, its menacing countenance hidden under the guise of humanity.

“Sorry. I didn’t …

Five Foods that Give You Energy

What we eat makes a big difference in how we feel. When it comes to creating energy, there are quite a few foods that can help us feel focused, alert, and ready to take on the world. The key is to go with foods that have a low glycemic index, contain complex rather than simple carbohydrates, and do not have much in the way of excess fats. Try adding these five into your diet each day.

Whole Grains – Forget bleached anything and make sure you get whole grain products into your diet. The carbs in whole grains are much kinder to your blood glucose levels, and will provide energy for longer periods of time, rather than causing a rush followed by a crash. Foods like rolled oats, whole grain breads, and brown rice are good examples.

Fresh Fruit – For a quick pick-me-up, bananas are an excellent choice. The potassium content is good for both the body and the mind. Potassium helps with mental clarity and maintaining a balanced mood, as well as preventing your muscles from contracting while you spend hours at your desk. The fact that potassium also helps promote good heart health as well as aid the function of the circulatory system doesn't hurt either.

Dried Fruit – Sometimes, it isn't practical to keep fresh fruit on hand. That's where dried fruit can be a great option. Assuming it is naturally dried, fruits like banana chips, apple slices, and apricots provide fiber, vitamin C, and other nutrients that help you feel energized and strong. For best results, buy a dehydrator and learn how to make your own. Doing so allows you to avoid the extra sugar that is in some commercially dried fruits, as well as any preservatives that may reduce the antioxidants in the fruits.

Beans – Beans are loaded with fiber, protein, and the right kind of carbs to give you plenty of energy. The vitamin content isn't too shabby either. Since beans help to lower bad cholesterol levels, they are very important to heart health.

Nuts – Almonds are loaded with nutrients, many of which are needed for balancing the production of neurotransmitters that help keep your mood balanced. The high content of magnesium and vitamin E also helps your body feel energized and ready to take on the day. A handful of almonds is a great way to get a boost when …