Milk Thistle Health Benefits

Milk Thistle History

Milk thistle is an ancient herbal remedy, mainly used in European medicine. The plant’s leaves are threaded with milk-white veins. Old legends tell tales of the Virgin Mary’s milk dripping on to the plant’s leaves, leaving potent stains. For this reason, the herb is believed to enhance lactation.

Milk Thistle as an Anti-inflammatory

To date, milk thistle is a valuable supplement. According to the National Center for Complimentary and Alternative and Medicine (NCCAM) milk thistle is believed to have protective effects on the liver, improving its functions. It is often used to treat conditions like liver cirrhosis, gallbladder disorders and chronic hepatitis (liver inflammation). The active ingredient is called Silymarin (an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory), which is extracted from the seeds of the milk thistle plant and prepared for use in capsules, extracts and teas.

Milk Thistle for Lower Cholesterol & Blood Sugar Levels

According to the NCCAM milk thistle is thought to reduce cholesterol levels, making it an ideal preparation for those with high cholesterol who desire to reduce their cholesterol through diet and alternative remedies. Other studies have proven milk thistle’s ability to lower blood sugar levels in individuals with type 2 diabetes (a disease that affects the way the body makes insulin). In addition, the plant may also be effective at staving off insulin resistance, a major characteristic of type 2 diabetes.

Milk Thistle for Cancer Treatment

According to the NCCAM, milk thistle may reduce the growth of cancer cells among those with breast, cervical and prostate cancer. The National Cancer Institute and the National Institute of Nursing Research continue to study milk thistle for cancer prevention as well as to treat complications in HIV patients.

Milk Thistle for Liver Disease and Cirrhosis

According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), milk thistle has been used by herbalists and ancient physicians for the treatment of liver-related and gallbladder conditions. Cirrhosis (an alcohol-related liver disease) as well as jaundice and hepatitis patients may benefit from the use of milk thistle. One of the healing benefits include protecting the liver from a host of poisons.

Milk Thistle Side Effects

Clinical trials have found some minor side effects including upset stomach, diarrhea, bloating and in some individuals, milk thistle has a laxative effect. In addition, some individuals experience allergic reactions. Those with allergies to other plants like chrysanthemums, daisies, marigolds and ragweed, are more likely to …

Mandy Moore Releases New Music Video: Extraordinary

Mandy Moore, the pop icon whose music was born in the 1990's has come alive again recently with a new music video to her new hit, "Extraordinary," which is a song found on her new album, "Wild Hope," which is to be released this summer on June 19, 2007.

The Extraordinary video was released on the Internet yesterday, May 8th, 2007. Her video was launched on Yahoo Music (, and also you can find more information about her video and new album on her website

Her video can be described as the "many faces of Mandy" which features a variety of Mandy acting either as parts of her or perhaps characters throughout her life or wishes to be. It begins with an image of Mandy balancing along a brick wall, Mandy singing, and of course, many other Mandys doing scary balancing acts, lounging in chairs, or other regular activities of everyday life. Maybe the meaning behind her video could be described as trying to balance the events and activities of our every day lives. At the end, the Mandy at the top parachutes down from the sky towards the ground. This could show the escape of trying to be a so -called "balancing act."

While watching her new video, you also get caught up with the tunes and lyrics of the song as well. The song "Extraordinary" has a new smooth tune that can leave you humming the chorus line for hours. It's soft and it's almost as if it's a tune to hear on a clear sunny summer day. Her video has a new creative approach and is quite unique compared to other pop music videos.

While showing us her talent in acting throughout many of her movies, we certainly get to see another creative talent from Mandy on the music side as well. Some may have only recognized Mandy from her recent movies such as "Because I Said So," "Chasing Liberty," and the heart-warming story written by Nicholas Sparks, " A Walk to Remember." But only her true fans will know her talents go way beyond acting. Mandy is a warm hearted individual with true inspirational music talents. She has come a long way since her first breaking out with "Candy," and Mandy has shown us how grown up she has become.

Get ready to view a …

Rational Thinking on Family Planning

Before you decide whether or not it is good or bad to want a big family, ask yourself a few other questions first. Is it bad to bring more children into the world when there are already so many that need loving homes? Can our environment handle more humans? How many children can I actually afford to raise, on my own, without help from government agencies? Can I provide quality time for all of those children, separate or together? How will I provide for many children if my spouse dies?

Raising kids these days is no joke and by no means easy. I have one daughter and often find it to already be a struggle at times. It costs a lot of money to bring up kids. From the time they are born you will work your self half to death providing food, shelter, clothes, and the millions of other numerous things that go along with raising kids.

I do not feel as if it is a bad thing to want a big family. I do however, think that it's a bad thing to be irresponsible in planning a large family without the means to do so. Is it fair to all of your children if you can really only afford to raise one or two of them within your capabilities? As humans, we need to understand that we are in crisis. Energy needs are at an all-time high. Drought plagues the planet in areas, reducing the amount of food being produced. How is it even possible to have a big family in good conscience?

I don't think that humans understand fully the effects that overpopulation is having on the planet. In a more simple time, large families were more appropriate. Now is a different era. We must look at breeding in a more logical way. At the current rate of 20 births per 1000 people, how can we possibly provide for ourselves? Money can buy many things- but what if there was nothing to buy? Is it in our best interest to put ourselves in a position to face possible starvation? Not if you ask me.

In the end, it comes down to personal choice anyway. Here in America at least. I must say that I am unimpressed by our inability to identify this very real issue. Don't have more than 3 children. Adopt one or more if it's …