Music Therapy and Cleaning the House: Getting Your Favorite Music to Work for You

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Music serves many applications in the world today. It is not only about enjoying your favorite tune. Music is said to sooth the soul. Just about every bartender can tell you about the drunk at the bar who is crying in his beer. Chances are he is listening to a “why she done me wrong song.” Furthermore, many women play their old love songs on DVD or listen to a radio D.J. just so they are not so lonely anymore.

Music therapy has been used in medicine to ease pain and has beneficial results for calming autistic children. Music can make a person feel happy or sad. Music therapy also helps reduce stress. Recently, scientists in Japan conducted experiments on mice showing that listening to certain kinds of music may help stop heart transplant rejection. This will be an amazing breakthrough if this therapy can be adapted for human heart transplant recipients.

As much as music calms the nervous system and puts a person at ease, it can energize and rejuvenate a person as well. Fitness gurus such as media personality Richard Simmons popularized getting healthy by exercising to music. His exercise video “Sweatin to the Oldies” was an instant success. Fitness instructors and doctors have known since the 1970s that music can help energize people; keeping them healthy and fit.

If most people are like me, they will need a motivator to get them to do their dreaded household chores. As I age I am finding that I am often too sick or too tired to do housework. However, housework has to be done whether I can do it or not. Any housekeeper will tell you the longer you put off doing your housework the harder it gets to keep the house as neat and tidy as you would like it. I discovered that I am more energized and ready to work when I am listening to music. I can pace myself and get the work done twice as fast that way.

Loughborough University in the UK has joined with media fitness expert by the name of Mr. Motivator to combine housework and exercise. I am disabled. I am not always able to exercise as I would like, but I still have to do my housework. This concept of combining exercise and housework it a good option for me. I will just add the music to make it more …

An Overview of Raw Food Diets for Cats

See the source imageFeeding your cats a raw diet can be a slightly daunting prospect at first, but it is also an extremely rewarding one. Many people would consider feeding their dogs a raw food diet but for whatever reason, cats sometimes get lost in the fray.

It’s true that cats have slightly more stringent dietary requirements than dogs. While many people consider dogs to be carnivores, they’re technically omnivores- dogs in the wild do eat some grasses and other plants, including the stomach contents of their prey. Domestic dogs, as many dog owners can attest, also seem to enjoy a variety of vegetables and fruits. Many raw food dog diets include ground vegetables and fruit because they seem to be part of a healthy canine diet.

Cats, on the other hand, are obligate carnivores. Lacking the dogs’ tendency to scavenge, they hunt, kill, and eat their prey. Rarely will you see a healthy cat snacking on grasses in the wild if there is any sort of meat product around for consumption.

Because dietary requirements are slightly stricter for cats, the raw food diet should be well planned to assure that there are ample nutrients. Generally, making large quantities of food at once and freezing it is a good way to ensure quality control. Supplements such as B vitamins, salmon oil, and taurine can be added to an acceptable proportion of organ and muscle meat (about 15-20% organ meat and very meaty bones such as chicken legs) and then ground together to form a sort of mixture which resembles wet cat food. An electric meat grinder makes this task a pretty easy and quick one, and all that remains is to freeze the mixture in containers and defrost as the cat eats. All supplements can be purchased from any well stocked health or grocery store and are relatively inexpensive.

If your cat is not used to eating a wet diet, you may be in for a transition period. Cats who, in particular, have been “free fed” dry food- that is, allowed to eat whenever the mood strikes them- should be put on a feeding schedule before you even attempt to change their food. This means that you should make food available for about ten minutes twice a day (making sure that the cats are aware of the food) and then remove it. If the cats have already been fed wet food, simply …

Spending Time with Your Family – A Practical Start

Are you one of the millions of people around the world who have made a decision to spend more time with your family this year? Then this article aims to provide some practical and useful guidelines to help you achieve your goal.

This is a good time of year to take a critical look at your life. Introspection is the first step towards change. Look at the factors in your life that prevent you from spending time with your family. Take a sheet of paper and make a list of those factors on one side of the paper. On the other side, list some strategies that you can use to neutralize the impact of those factors on your time. For example, if one of the factors that keep you from your family is work, a strategy maybe to work fewer overtime hours.

Review the strategies that you listed earlier and pick one or two that you can implement immediately. Work to remove the obstacles that prevent you from having quality time with your family. If necessary, seek advice and help from your pastor or other professionals in your community. Today we are faced with many forces that compete for the limited time we have. Regardless of the nature of those forces at work in our lives, we must be more determined than ever to defeat those challenges. Some of these challenges come in the form of negative habits that have been with us for years. Habits like watching too much television, procrastination, neglect of family and working too much are just a few of the challenges that may have to be overcome.

While your enthusiasm is in high gear, go right ahead and set aside family time in your weekly schedule. Start with 30 minutes per week and increase the time as needed. Use that time to do things together. Involve your family with the planning and execution of all activities. Do not make the mistake of monopolizing family time. This will destroy the initiative and enthusiasm of the family. Activities may include games, barbeques, hikes, movies, and Bible study. The list is your choice.

With the cooperation and help of the other family members, take a monthly or bimonthly reflective look at the past month or two. Give each family member a chance to give his opinions, criticisms or suggestions on how things can be improved. Suggest ideas that …

Landhaus is a Great Choice for German Food While Shopping in Fehmarn, Germany

I am spoiled rotten. I am also vain. My birthday is the main event every year, as far as I'm concerned, and as such it tends to last a week rather than a few hours. Luckily, my husband recognizes that so after a lovely weekend in Ljungbyhed, Sweden I was also treated to a day of shopping down in Fehmarn, Germany. Shopping always makes me hungry so we stopped for a late lunch at the Landhaus Restaurant right downtown on the main shopping strip. I am a power shopper, so refueling my energy with a good German meal is a necessity.

There are many great restaurant choices in this area of Fehmarn, but the Landhaus had a chalk board outside on the sidewalk advertising jaegerschnitzel for only 10 Euros. The price seemed good, and when in Germany I do insist on some type of schnitzel, so Landhaus it was. I mean, there was a Rathaus right across the street, and we loved the one in Luebeck, but I wanted to try a new place. The Landhaus Restaurant was a good choice.

We opted to eat outside and people watch since it was a gloriously clear, sunny day. They have both cafe tables out here and a block of regular tables under a canopy. We sat under the canopy because we are wusses and the shade felt good. We were barely seated before a gal showed up to take our drink orders and hand us a menu. Impressive. The restaurant was very busy that day, but this did not hamper service at all. So, 3 giant German beers for my husband and the couple who came with us, a coca-cola for me. (oh bite me)

A very brief time later our order was taken. We all went with the jaegerschnitzel special. Normally if I know I am going to review a restaurant I try to make sure to sample at least two dishes, but in this case it really didn't matter. The menu is not extensive, concentrating mainly on the various forms of schnitzels. Because of that, they are very, very good at it.

Our food came out in about 10 minutes and oooh la la I could tell before the first bite that it was going to be excellent. The schnitzel was covered in a wonderful mushroom laden pilsner sauce and came with a side of Pomme Frits. As usual …