Can I hunt only with my personal friends or acquaintances?
Answer: Yes. At the E Circle E Hunting Farms, we do not combine groups or individual hunters with other groups. Each group is equipped with their own personal guide or guides for their hunting experience.
My firm would like to plan a retreat and conduct some workshops for professional development. Would we be able to fit this in and still enjoy the hunting experience?
Answer: Yes. We have gone to great lengths to create a facility that will support outstanding retreats for corporate clients. The hunting schedule can be as busy or as relaxed as you prefer. Your special clients or valued executives will long remember the hunting experience you have provided for them, hosted by E Circle E. You can customize your event to suit your needs.
Can I plan a hunt for my son or for my father?
Answer: Yes. A pheasant hunt is a fabulous way for parents to bond with their children and grandchildren. We will be happy to help you plan a family event that will be cherished for decades to come.
Are there hidden charges for drinks, meals, tips for handlers and guides, or other services not explained in the brochure?
Answer: No. We here at E Circle E are here to provide a first class hunting experience and keep the details simple. All meals are included as well as a well-stocked self-serve bar for your enjoyment. If you find our services above and beyond what you had expected, your generosity in tipping is greatly appreciated by our dedicated staff.
Do I need to bring my own ammunition or special shells?
Answer: No. Shells are provided as part of your package.
Do I have to clean my own birds and do I get to keep the birds I shoot?
Answer: We have a specially trained crew that will professionally dress and package your pheasants. Our packaging facilities have a commercial walk-in freezer that will insure that your birds will be preserved fresh for your trip home.
Do you have taxidermy support at your facility?
Answer: What a great way to preserve your hunting experience by having one of your trophy birds mounted and shipped to your home or office. We have contracts with area craftsmen, who are some of the best taxidermists in the nation and they are willing to serve our client’s special desires.
Can I bring my own dog and gun?
Answer: Yes. If you are flying in and it is inconvenient for you to bring your own shotgun and dog, we have both fine weapons and dogs on hand for you to use. If you choose to bring your own dogs, our policy is to have a copy of your current vaccination for our records.
Do I need to purchase a special out-of-state hunting license?
Answer: No. Out-of-state, or non-resident hunters do not need to purchase a hunting license. The package price includes a special limited license for use on the E Circle E Hunting Farms. South Dakota state residents need only a small game license.
Do I need to purchase special hunting apparel before I arrive at the E Circle E Hunting Farms?
Answer: Some items you may need to bring and some items we provide. We supply Blaze Orange vests for your convenience. Special hunting clothing you may wish to bring, depending upon the season and weather, would include rain gear, field boots, warm outdoor clothing, and gloves; as the weather can change from day to day layering clothing is recommended. We also have some items on hand at the lodge in our Gift Shop for you to purchase, if you so desire.
Is there transportation to and from the nearest airport or an area airport available?
Answer: Yes. We will arrange for pickup and delivery service if your arrival is by air. Contact us so that we may arrange to meet your itinerary requirements in a timely manner (605-624-2800).
If I send in my deposit for a hunting date and I later find that I cannot come at that time, do I forfeit the deposit?
Answer: We understand that life throws everyone a curve once in a while. All deposits are non-refundable; however, we will be happy to re-apply the deposit for an alternative date during that hunt season if you cannot meet your originally planned date.
If I book a hunt for three days and four nights, do I have to stay all four nights?
Answer: No. Many of our guests prefer a good night’s rest before embarking on a long drive home. Yet, some of our guests are ready to leave as soon as their game is cleaned and ready, on the last afternoon of their hunt. We simply offer the additional night’s stay as a courtesy for our guest’s comfort.
If I decide to reserve a date or set of dates, what must I do?
Answer: A non-refundable deposit of 50% will hold the date you would like to hunt. The balance is due at the end of your hunt. The deposit is not an additional expense at the E Circle E facilities. It is applied toward the entire cost of your desired package.
Can I hunt at the E Circle E Hunting Farms if I am not a United States Citizen?
Answer: Yes. Contact us for more information and we will help you make arrangements to visit our country and experience one of the world’s most amazing sporting experiences.
If I do not have a lot of firearm or hunting experience, can I still hunt at the E Circle E?
Answer: Yes. Here at E Circle E we have a fantastic trap and international skeet shooting range adjacent to the lodge. We keep clay pigeons and shells on hand to help sharpen shooting skills for both novice and experienced shooters, alike. We have experienced hunting guides who will explain everything in detail. We recognize that several of our clients will be new to the sport of hunting so we conduct a special saftey seminar for all participants.
Can I hunt at the E Circle E Hunting Farms if I am physically Handicapped?
Answer: The terrain at E Circle E ranges from flat to mildly rolling hills. Safety is important to us at E Circle E and special considerations to accommodate persons with unique physical handicaps will be made where ever possible. Upland foul hunting ordinarily involves lots of walking and rigorous exercise. We also have a handicapped accessible room for your convenience.

Call us to discuss any special needs and see what we can come up with to help you enjoy our wonderful habitat, in spite of any personal physical limitations.

If I or any member of my party have a special dietary or religious dietary concern, will E
Circle E still be able to host my hunt?
Answer: Yes. Simply call us ahead of time and let us know what your special needs are and we